Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello, My Readers

From my blog title, you must have already known the main topics of this blog are about AutoCAD related programming.

My 15-year programming experience was started with AutoCAD programming (LISP, of course). It gradually expanded to more general programming that touches all sort of technologies (well, on MS' Windws platform, mostly). Since the employers I have been worked for so far all use AutoCAD (or its vertical products) as one of the main production tools, I always have AutoCAD programming under my interest radar and actually do some interesting development from time to time.

From my both experience of doing line of business programming and AutoCAD programming, I can tell how much this kind of skill set is needed by business and how much one can do and enjoy from doing it.

I'll try to share some interesting topics on latest AutoCAD programming tricks (well, latest, as it turns out, would be only "latest" as I can get. For example, I am using AutoCAD 2009 now, and am not sure when I can touch on AutoCAD 2010...). I am especially interested in integrating MS' new technologies, such as WPF, WCF, WWW, with AutoCAD application development.

I am not a good technical writer at all and may not have that much time available often to sit down and write something. So, I'll try to get something out whenever I run into an interesting topic. Some topics may be originated from various user discussion groups, which I visit routinely and do post there (mostly replies) occasionally.


Phương Nam Trần said...

can you help me?
I want handle event when i click a object.

Norman Yuan said...

Sorry, I did not notice your comment in time.

It is difficult to suggest anything helpful without knowing more detailed information of your question.

I'd suggest you to post question in Autodesk's user discussion forum:

Over there, you'd get help from more people.




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After graduating from university, I worked as civil engineer for more than 10 years. It was AutoCAD use that led me to the path of computer programming. Although I now do more generic business software development, such as enterprise system, timesheet, billing, web services..., AutoCAD related programming is always interesting me and I still get AutoCAD programming tasks assigned to me from time to time. So, AutoCAD goes, I go.